Sponsor Commercials & On Demand Mode – What You Need To Know

This year, we are seeing a record number of GameTime partners sell ad space and sponsorship packages on their GameTime stations, generating significant revenue for their athletic programs. However, we are also seeing a lot more use of On Demand Mode, and if you have sponsorships in place, there’s something important you need to know.

When you sell sponsorships for your GameTime station, and it is running in Radio Mode, the commercials ads will automatically play during the event, based on the package level purchased.

However, if you are using On Demand Mode for a particular event, whoever is running your station will need to manually play the ads the correct number of times for that event. We suggest printing out a list of ads for your sponsors so that this person can keep track of how often they have played the ads.

If you have any questions about this, or to learn more about selling sponsorships on our GameTime station, you can schedule a call with our revenue development specialist, Shelby Neal, HERE.