Special Event Music Is Ready When You Need It!

As things begin to open back-up in the world you may want to have some special events that would be enhanced by music. We can provide you with specialty music for any number of events. For example, hosting a car show or hot rod rally?   We actually have music for that. Want to do a 50s theme? A disco night? Beach party? Oktoberfest? An 80s day? We have you covered there as well. Not ALL categories are readily viewable from the player because there are so many it would take up a lot of space and really clog up your view with things you wouldn’t need very often.

If you would like to have special music for an event let your Partner Success Manager know and we can take it from there. If we have it in-house we can start in a business day or two. But if it’s something really unique you might give us a week or so to get it ready. As long as the music conforms to our music policy we can hook you up. Special events are a great way to have some fun with your guests and we’d love to help out.