Worry-Free Music

With Neptune SchoolZone, you never have to worry about what’s going to be playing in your elementary school PE classes, school lunchroom, hallways or even in your classrooms. That’s because we have a team of music screeners that make sure every one of the 38,000+ songs in our database is 100% guaranteed family-friendly and lyric-safe.

The Perfect Atmosphere WHERE you Want it

Neptune SchoolZone not only gives your elementary school the ability to select whatever music mix you want, but also to vary that mix by time of day, day of week, or however else you’d like. From wake-up morning hallway music, to calm-down lunchroom toons, to high-energy PE classes, SchoolZone lets you create the atmosphere you want where you want it.

And with your own custom-branded stingers, when your station is playing, it will sound like it is your school’s own custom radio station!

The Neptune Media Player

Your radio station is controlled from a modern, easy-to-use media player that operates in two settings: Radio Mode and On Demand.

In Radio Mode, a pre-selected mix of music automatically plays during the times and days that you have specified. Simply turn on your station, and it does the rest of the work for you! If you need to play a special announcement or specific song at a specific time, you can switch over to On Demand for one-touch control.

The Neptune Media Player can be downloaded on a PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet. Please note, the player is not compatible with Chromebooks due to space limitations.

Rashunda Crowder

Rashunda is AWESOME!!! Handled all of my questions and concerns and taught me a few new things.!” – Christopher Keuilian, Plam Desert HS, CA


Partner Support

When you join the Neptune SchoolZone team, you don’t become a customer, you become a partner. That’s because we believe in building strong partnerships. And it all starts with a dedicated team Partner Success Team. As a partner, you get assigned your own Partner Success Manager, who will help you get up and running fast and with minimal effort. After that, they will be your “go to” person for any questions or requests you have.

Diana Cabrera

“Diana was very professional and helpful. The explanations were clear, concise and easy to understand and follow.” – Tim Burke, Newberg HS, OR

Natalie Endsley

“Natalie is fantatstic and quick to help every time” – Jaybe Shackleford, Nation Ford HS, SC

Morris Hawkins

“We love Morris! Always does such a great job when we call! Thank you!” – Travis Rink, Eisenhower HS, KS

Ready for Lyric-Safe Music

At Your Elementary School?

Neptune SchoolZone is just $1,000 annually, and can be downloaded to three (3) different devices, including most tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Please contact us to learn how easy it is to get Neptune SchoolZone up and running at YOUR elementary school, today!