Note: A Custom Library is NOT a Playlist

We’ve had several GameTime partners ask about continuous play from an On Demand Custom Library, so we would like to clarify the difference between an On Demand Custom Library and an On Demand Playlist.

An On Demand Custom Library allows you to organize your preferred songs by sports, special events, or however you prefer to organize them, in order to have quick access when you want to create a playlist. The Custom Library itself is NOT a playlist. It is simply a list of songs. While you technically can play a song directly from the Custom Library, you can only play one song at a time. To learn more about Custom Libraries, check out this TUTORIAL.

On Demand Playlists are what you want to create and use for actual events, as this is where you can play, pause, fade, shuffle, etc. a set of songs that will play continuously. Typically, you will use your Custom Library as a resource for creating On Demand Playlists.

For example, if you want to create an On Demand Playlist for a Football game, it is quicker and easier to do so by accessing songs from your previously created Football Custom Library than by accessing the entire music database. To learn more about On Demand Playlists, check out this TUTORIAL.

To sum up, think of On Demand Custom Libraries as where you keep your list of favorite songs for sports or events that you can use to create an On Demand Playlist.