New Music Categories Perfect for Late Summer Days

The dog days of summer.  Time to slow down and maybe take it easy.  A great way to do just that is by adding one of our new specialty categories which don’t yet appear in the normal music request view.  We’re working on that. But until then if you want to maybe wind things down at the end of the day you can try Beach Chill, Electronic Chill, or Yacht Rock.

Beach Chill has family friendly songs from the likes of Jack Johnson, Michael Franti, and Jimmy Buffett.

Electronic Chill is down-tempo electronic music that can help slow things down.  It still has a beat but it’s pretty relaxed.

Finally, Yacht Rock is where you’ll find some classics from legends like, Dire Straits, Toto, Fleetwood Mac, and Steely Dan.

Each of the categories have more than 100 songs in each.  Since these are not on the part of the music request where you’d ordinarily check a box.  Simply click the box next to “See List Below” and then type it below in the ‘Special Instructions” section.  Your PSM will be happy to answer any questions for you.