Last Minute Events? Haven’t Had Time To Submit A Schedule? No Problem!

One of the most popular features of our updated Neptune Media Player is the ability to add events directly from your player instead of having to submit schedules or calling us to add last-minute events.

While in Radio Mode, simply click on the green “Create Playlist” button (bottom left corner), and enter the sport, date, start time, and end time. You then have the option to Auto Populate the music mix – meaning it will use the music mix you have previously specified for that sport in Voyager (if you have not created one for that particular sport, it will use a default mix we have created for that sport) – or you can select Edit Music Mix.

If you choose the Edit Music Mix, you will be able to select the mix of music genres that you want for that event. Note, this mix will ONLY be used for this event. To create a set music list for a particular sport to be used across all events, you will need to do that in Voyager.

To learn more about adding events directly from your player, please check out the brief tutorial video HERE.