How We Keep Our Music Fresh

The CMC Neptune Music Library has almost 33,000 songs. Many of our older songs were added when we launched over a decade ago, but we’ve never stopped adding music. We constantly strive to add brand-new hits as well as deeper classic cuts. We usually add a couple hundred songs a month in a variety of genres. So how do we find our music?

There are several places we look. First, each Friday in the western hemisphere the new releases come out. So early in the morning (before office hours) on Friday we see what new releases have come out (also called “dropped”). We find the songs that sound like they’d be a good fit and send them out for review.

Also, each week we check the Billboard top 100. We review each song on that list that we either don’t already have or is not already on the no-play list. Beyond that there are some lists we look at on Shazam, Spotify and other services.

One source of pride at CMC Neptune is the fact that we frequently actually beat traditional radio stations by “adding” songs to our database that they don’t have for weeks or even months. That is because we are a small, nimble company who can move quickly without relying corporate dictates about when to add a song.

One other great source is requests from you, our partners.  So, when you submit a song request, we’re excited to find something cool that we think other partners will like too.

Thanks for being music partners. Together we’re making something awesome.