GameTime Partners Can Easily Add Events On The Fly

It used to be that if you needed to add a last minute or new event to your GameTime station, you would need to call your Partner Success Manager, give them the details, and wait for us to program the event and create a playlist for you. Not any more! 

One of the features we introduced with the new Neptune Player last year allows GameTime partners to add events and automatically generate playlists on their own – right from the player! 

In Radio Mode, simply click on the green “Create Playlist” button, then select the sport, the school or facility, and add the date and time of the event. The player will create a customized playlist for your event using the music mix by genre you have previously selected for the sport by clicking on the “Auto Populate” button. If you haven’t created a music mix for the sport, clicking “Auto Populate” will use a generic music mix we have set up by sport inside of Voyager. You can also edit the music mix right from the player by clicking the “Edit Music Mix” button instead of the auto populate one. 

To learn more about this feature, please watch this brief VIDEO TUTORIAL.