Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Custom Music Solution"?

In essence, it’s your own personal “radio station”. In your facility, it will sound just like a radio station, with DJ announcements and professionally recorded messages. The difference is YOU control the messages and have control over the type of music that gets played. And with CMC Neptune, you can rest assured that all messages and music are 100% family-friendly!

Do I need any special equipment?

No. Our software can be downloaded to any Windows-based computer, Mac/MacBook, or iPad that can be linked to your existing sound system. If there are any issues or concerns with your existing equipment, we can supply a laptop preloaded with our software for a one-time usage fee of $500. (Note: equipment must be returned upon termination of service)

If we use neptune, are we covered on music copyright licenses?

CMC Neptune is a licensed background music provider with ASCAP, Global Music Rights, SESAC and BMI, and as a result we are able to cover the vast majority of businesses and organizations who use our product. However, the final answer to this question depends on your category. Are you a waterpark? Fitness center? High school sports venue? Car dealership? Parks & Rec district? There are different rules for different categories, and we will help you navigate through what can be a confusing process.

How long does it take to get Neptune up and running at my location?

Typically, we can have your station customized and going within 1-2 weeks — but it can also happen much quicker for partners that need their system in place sooner.

How can we be sure Neptune will work at our location?

All of the content needed for your station is downloaded onto the Neptune Media Player, and therefore an internet connection is not required for playback. Your Neptune Media Player only needs to be connected to the internet for updates and any time you make a change to your events or music selections.

We don't have a public address system -- can you install that for us as well?

We do not provide infrastructure elements such as public address systems, but if you need some guidance on what you might need at your location, we’re happy to recommend vendors we have worked with in the past.

How long is the contract for the Neptune service?

CMC Neptune doesn’t require a formal contract. You simply subscribe to the Neptune Custom Music Solution service year-to-year. We think you are going to love your custom Neptune station, but at the end of any given year if you want to end the service, you are free to do so.

If we want to create sponsorships and sell advertising, how much assistance will you provide?

Our Revenue Development Team will provide you with a comprehensive toolkit that includes customized templates for ad/sponsorship proposals, pricing recommendations, and target industry lists.

If we choose to sell sponsorships/advertising, how many commercials will be airing on our station?

For Neptune Radio partners, you can sell from 1 minute of ads per hour up to 5 ½ minutes per hour, depending on your annual subscription level. For Neptune GameTime partners, you will be able to sell either 12 30-second ads or 22 30-second ads per event, depending on your annual subscription level.

If we decide we want to change our music mix, what is involved in that process?

Changing your music mix is fast and easy! From your media player, you can update the music mix for any selected events that are already programmed, and the changes will take effect immediately (as long as you are connected to the internet). Or, you can log into our online partner portal — which we call Voyager — and revise your music mix. These changes will be reflected on your station by the next business day.

Can we download our Neptune station onto more than one device?

The short answer is “no”. Your annual subscription is for one station (media player) downloaded onto one device. If you are using a portable device, like a laptop or tablet, you can move that device from venue to venue as needed. However, if you are looking to play your station at multiple locations at the same time (e.g. softball field and volleyball court, or municipal pool and community rec center), then you will need a subscription for additional stations. Note: additional station subscriptions are offered at a discounted rate.

How do we submit information regarding music, messages, commercials, etc.?

All items such as this happen on our online partner portal, Voyager. It has a very simple, easy-to-use interface that allows you to make all of your submissions and requests in one place.

Who writes / produces the DJ messages, branding elements and commercials for our Neptune station?

We have a talented creative team that handles all aspects of script-writing and production. Some background music services require you to write / produce / record / upload all voice messaging content, but that’s not the case with Neptune. You simply provide the bullet points, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll handle everything when it comes to creating your content, making it fast and easy to get your station created and updated.

Do we get to choose the DJ voices that we hear on our station?

For Neptune Radio partners, the answer is yes. We have a team of talented male and female voice professionals and, depending on your level of service, you’ll be able to choose between 1-3 DJ voices you want on your station. For our Neptune GameTime partners, we assign the DJ voices based on a variety of factors, including schedules, demand, region, etc.

If I want a custom message, how long does that take to get it put onto my system?

After the initial system setup, it typically takes 3-4 business days to professionally record and upload any changes or additions to your custom content. Oftentimes, we can accommodate last minute requests even faster, depending on workload volumes.

Can we have timed announcements for closing, special events, etc.?

Absolutely! Many of our Neptune Radio partners use their station to make closing announcements, ensuring that it happens consistently and accurately every single day. Our Trampoline Park and Family Entertainment Center venues often use their station to broadcast timed wristband announcements. On request, we can also record special announcements, such as early closing due to weather, that can be played at the press of a button.

Can we recognize special groups and events that are happening at our location?

This is one of the most popular features of our CMC Neptune service! People like to hear their name on the radio, and recognizing special guests / groups is a powerful customer service tool. It’s easy to do: just submit the information to us using the online partner portal (Voyager), and we’ll make sure the messages are produced and in place at the appropriate time.

Is Neptune available worldwide?

CMC Neptune currently has partners in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. We will evaluate expansion into additional countries on a case-by-case basis.