New Feature: Music Preview

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With over 32,000 songs in our Music Library, it’s helpful to be able to listen to a short clip to make sure you know which track or version of a song is included on our approved list. And while you’ve always been able to double click on a song and hear while browsing the Music Library, this feature was not available when you were in the Music Selection areas. We’ve addressed this with our new Music Preview feature.  

Now, whenever you are in the process of selecting your music, just look for the Preview button to listen to a clip of the song you are interested in. 

This way, you will always be sure that when you are adding a specific song to your playlists, you know exactly what it’s going to sound like. This Preview feature is currently available in Voyager, and will be added to the Neptune Player with the next update.

Have A Great Summer!

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Songs You Can Trust

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