Music Notes: Old School Pop and Rock

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Let’s talk old-school, particularly 50s pop and rock.  If you have a facility which wants a classic 50s sound, either full-time or for an event, don’t limit yourself to just 50s pop.  While the roots of rock and roll and proto-rock and roll can be found in the R&B scene of the late 40s and early 50s, most of what we consider Rock and Roll starts in the mid 50s.  But don’t just stop there.  It only gives you a few years of music.  Neptune takes it a little further out.  If you choose “Oldies” (in the “See List Below” box on the request form). It will give you 50s pop AND pre-British Invasion 60s pop.  That adds lots of doo wop, more Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker and more.  You’ll really expand your playlist.  We love helping with music for special events.  Be sure to touch base with your Partner Success Manager. 

Here are some other Neptune specialty categories you might not know about, but you can request:  Disco, Funk, Motown Sound (though not exclusively Motown Artist), Classic R&B, Electronic Chill, Yacht Rock, and four different Jazz categories.  

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