Adding Custom Music Clips To Your GameTime or Neptune Radio Station

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One unique feature to the NeptuneRadio/GameTime system is the ability for partners to add their own song clips for specific events or things like sports walk-ups for GameTime.  There are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

For GameTime Walkups, before uploading clips for review, check and see if the song is already in our pre-screened walk-up library.  With the exception of pitcher warm ups, remember to keep your clips to 40 seconds or less.  If we have the clip on-hand, simply choose that file.  That will bypass the review and production process, significantly shortening the amount of time before you have access to the song.   

The same goes for full songs.  If there is a song you want played and it does not require any special editing it is more efficient to choose the song we already have in the system.  Again, search the library and see if we have it already.

Remember ALL submitted clips are screened to ensure they adhere to the CMC Neptune Music policy.  If there is an issue with a clip, it will be rejected.  We do not edit clips.  Therefore, be sure what is being submitted is clean and is free of obvious dropouts or masked profanity/unacceptable content.  We all want our partners to have the best-sounding experience at their event. Following this process will greatly expedite the process of you having the clips you submitted ready to play on your system.

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