Are You Ready To Increase Your 2023-24 Budget?

By Richie Huval

GameTime Product Representative

We Know You’re Dealing With This…

Rising costs, budget cuts, not enough money for replacing worn-out gear, upgrading outdated facilities, and don’t even talk about getting that new scoreboard. You aren’t the only one. As an Athletic Director you have to wear a lot of hats and often, being your own financial planner is one of them. While you are considering your budget for 2023-24, stop and think. Is there anything you wish you had more cash in the budget for? 

Fundraising today is just as much a part of the game as shuttle runs. One can be more enjoyable than the other. Partnering with local businesses in order to support your program is a crucial part of building out your budget. From large Universities to public and private high school programs, it’s clear that working with sponsors is a key player in your budget’s success. 

An article in Coach & A.D. shares that “85.8% of athletic directors say some of their athletic-department spending is met through fundraising.” What’s the best way to put that together and when do you get started? Budgeting, planning, and forecasting aren’t what you want to be spending your time doing, so let us help you take care of that now.


That’s Where Gametime Comes In

Let us create your custom GameTime station to bring a dynamic, D1 experience to your school for your players, fans, and for your sponsors. With GameTime, you are creating an energetic and professional atmosphere that businesses in your community will benefit from through sponsorships with your program. GameTime will create professionally produced radio commercials for your sponsors that get featured at your games.

You need to know that GameTime does not take a dollar of that sponsorship money: 100% of the money you raise through sponsorships on GameTime belongs to your school and your program. You will be equipped with customized proposal documents and tools for success from our Revenue Development Team. They have worked with schools from markets across the country and they want you to approach businesses with confidence in GameTime.

If you’re wondering if you can succeed with this, look at some of our case studies here.

Clay-Battelle High School (WV) – A rural community with a city population size of 73 and no active booster club.

Spartanburg High School (SC) – A small metro city high school in a community with 37,000 residents.

Warren Township High School (IL) – A large public school in a suburb of Chicago.

On top of the fundraising power, Game provides pre-screened music and customized announcements for your games too. Through working with GameTime, you’ll create an atmosphere to be proud of while increasing your budget and making money through advertising. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the schools that have chosen to trust GameTime with creating a better experience for their school.

Ready To Learn More? 

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