Eric Jontra
President / Founder

Cheryl Kirby
Business Manager

Jesse Acosta
Special Projects


Jim Moseley
Director of Marketing

Rebecca Sammons
Marketing Manager - Creative Design


Chad Leabo
Chief Music Explorer

Mallory Harris
Media Coordinator

Partner Support

Jason Jontra
Director of Operations

Jacob Crocker
Partner Support Team Manager

Rachel Guthrie
Partner Support Team

Alison Miner
Partner Support Team

Ted Sorrells
Chief Software Architect


Rodd Wayne
Production Manager

Reid Kerr
Creative Director


Cecily Hill
Director of Revenue

Bryan Houston
National Sales Manager / GameTime Team

Cody Cobb
National Sales Manager / Neptune Team

Suzy Shoup
National Sales Manager / Advertising

Lyndean Phinney
Coordinator of Revenue

Marilyn Engel
Product Manager / GameTime Team

Shelby Neal
Product Manager / Neptune Team

Tom Nelson
Product Manager / GameTime Team

Ryan Peterson
Product Manager / GameTime Team


Nakia Buenaventura
Traffic Manager

Rashunda Crowder
Traffic Team

Teresa McBeath
Traffic Team

Chey Faries
Traffic Team

Morris Hawkins
Traffic Team

Tonya Taylor
Traffic Team