Neptune Custom Music Solution equips your venue with its very own “radio station”, creating an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

100% Family Friendly Music

You’ll never again have to worry about inappropriate music playing over your sound system. With Neptune Custom Music Solution, every song played at your venue is guaranteed to be 100% family-friendly.

No Unwanted Ads

When you use a streaming music service or local radio station, sometimes the ads are as inappropriate as the music. Not to mention, those ads can also be for your competitors or for competitive products - definitely NOT what you want to hear in your venue!

Boost Sales and/or Attendance

With Neptune Custom Music Solution, you can promote concessions and upcoming events at your venue regularly throughout the day, using professionally recorded and customized messages.

Generate Incremental Income

You can sell advertising and sponsorships on your custom “radio station”. Many Neptune partners who take advantage of this not only pay for the cost of their system, but also generate significant profits as well. We even help you write the proposal for prospective clients.


All Neptune products are backed-up by our Neptune Partner Support Team that is available 24/7. When you call, you get a person, not a recording. Our current partners consistently tell us that our Partner Support Team is the best they’ve ever encountered.

Partner Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear directly from Neptune Custom Music Solution partners how much they love the product and love the service!



We have multiple levels to fit your budget. Annual subscription packages start at $1200. For additional details, please contact us.