Prepare Your Team Leaders For Greatness This Fall

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Neptune Now - Private | 0 comments

All too often we hear, “We don’t have any leaders anymore”, but the real question is: What are you doing to create them?

For years, Proactive Coaching has been helping high schools and colleges develop their next generation of student leaders in the fields of athletics and activities. Now, founder Bruce Brown and partner, Rob Miller are partnering with Neptune Navigate to create a comprehensive set of online training modules for your student leaders – both current and future! Check out the video here to learn more.

Navigate Proactive Leadership draws on the same core content that Proactive Coaching has used to train more than 1.5 million students at in-person events, but now in an easy-to-access online series of modules. This training is specifically designed for a select group of current or potential student leaders from athletics, activities, or other student groups. The focus is on equipping and empowering these students to become effective and impactful team leaders.

To learn more about Navigate Proactive Leadership, visit the website at the link here.

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