Our Partner Success Team Is Lead By The DOPE: Director Of Partner Experience

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Our team of partner success managers love taking care of our partners as much as you love them – based on the feedback you routinely provide. But did you know that this talented, passionate team is led by Nakia Buenaventura?

Nakia joined the company back in 2013, when Voyager and the Neptune Player looked very different from what they do today. As the company grew and our products evolved, Nakia was there every step of the way, helping shape how our products work based on how YOU, our partners, actually used them day-to-day. 

Today, no one knows more about marrying the needs of our partners with the technology advances we continue to make than Nakia. So you can rest assured that when you have questions for your partner success manager, Nakia has their back – and yours – covered!

Songs You Can Trust

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