Online Good Sportsmanship Is Needed Now, More Than Ever

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Our sister product, Neptune Navigate, is now the official Online Good Sportsmanship sponsor for the NFHS. We teach athletes to show good sportsmanship on the field, on the court, and in the locker room. So why aren’t we teaching them to be good sports online? Read more to learn about our sister product, Neptune Navigate for Student Athletes.

Your athletes are living in a digital world where everything they do or post is subject to intense scrutiny. One misstep can not only cost them scholarships and jeopardize their futures, but can also threaten the reputation of your athletic program. 

These lessons are created specifically for student athletes, with real-world examples and lots of practical advice and recommendations for protecting themselves and your program when online. 

You can learn more by checking out the Neptune Navigate website HERE, or by scheduling a meeting at your convenience with Kearva Beckwith HERE.

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