Important Reminder About Game Broadcasts and Neptune GameTime

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Neptune Now - Private | 0 comments

Neptune GameTime is a licensed background music provider with BMI, SESAC, ASCAP, and GMR. This means that the music played via your GameTime station is fully covered for the venue in which your event is taking place. This license does NOT extend to any event broadcasts.

Most online video streaming service platforms — YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. — have built-in algorithms that continuously scan all content and “listen” for copyrighted music. If they detect copyrighted music, the audio channel of your broadcast will immediately be muted.

Consequently, if your school is doing an internet broadcast of a sporting event, and the microphones you use clearly pick up Neptune GameTime music playing in the background, there is a chance that your audio will be muted on the live stream or later in the on demand playback.

To learn how to avoid this happening, please check out our Tips For Live Streaming HERE.

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