Hiring Seasonal Employees? Let us help!

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Neptune Now | 0 comments

If you haven’t already, you’re probably about to start hiring seasonal employees for the summer. We’ve been seeing too many concerning stories in the news about an employee who made a bad decision online or posted something inappropriate on social media. In the end, not only did the individual suffer, but the company they worked for saw major negative repercussions.

Your seasonal employees are representatives of your company. For your company’s sake, it is important they understand and abide by the behaviors that define responsible participation in the digital world. If your employees operate a smart phone or have a social media account – they need to be certified in Digital Citizenship!

Our sister product, Neptune Navigate for Business, was designed to help your employees be smart and stay safe when they’re online. Doing so will improve their productivity while also protecting your company from unwanted media attention, internal HR issues and the possibility of financial loss due to cyber attacks.

Neptune Navigate for Business features a specific lesson designed for Seasonal Employees.

To learn more,  please visit our website at https://neptunenavigate.com/for-business/ or contact Lacie Bohanon at Lacie@neptunenow.com

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Introducing Ernest Jarju, Assistant Business Manager

Introducing Ernest Jarju, Assistant Business Manager

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