Get Sponsorships Set Up Now For The Fall Season

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Neptune Now - Private | 0 comments

With a new fall season around the corner, there are new opportunities to earn money through your Neptune Radio station by selling ads and sponsorships. Best of all, our Revenue Development Team is here to help you bring those in sponsorships! 

You can schedule a meeting with our Revenue Development Specialist, Katie Spitzer, by clicking HERE. She will be happy to help you and provide you with a customized toolkit that features a target list of business industries, live message samples, FAQs and answers, and outreach phone and email scripts. 

Making money with your Neptune Radio station is so much easier than you think, so schedule a meeting with Katie TODAY!

Get Your Station Ready Now For Fall

With Fall upon us, you might be planning for a special, fall-themed event for which you need specific messaging or music. We have you covered! While special music categories do not appear on your music selections for Voyager, they do exist. You can request them in the...

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